Recording and Mixing Engineer

Personalized work to raise to the maximum
the sound and artistic level of bands and music producers,
achieving the greatest connection between artist and audience.

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Originally from Madrid, Spain, Carlos Soto has been, for more than 10 years, a musician, sound designer and music producer (keyboard, digital synthesizers and analog/modular synthesizers). Since 2012 and from his own studio he has been focused on recording, mixing and mastering music projects for bands and producers of various styles, both acoustic and electronic, which has led him to be a teacher of sound design, recording, mixing and mastering in various sound and music schools such as CEV, SAE Institute or DJP Music School. In this way Carlos has helped raise the sound level and catapult the careers of many artists.


Housed in one of the quietest places in Madrid, Villaviciosa de Odón, is the Carlos Soto’s studio that has a great acoustic balance thanks to the perforated absorbent plates that surround the room, in addition to other acoustic elements, and strategically placed diffusers that exert a great definition in the medium and high frequencies. All this makes this room the best place to carry out any artistic work with the best professional result.


Adapting to modern times, the studio has the best tools in the professional sound world, combining the enormous advantages of digital and analog audio to achieve the best result in each of the works. The Shape 65 speakers, built and designed by the French company Focal, together with elements of the highest quality such as Universal Audio, Plugin Alliance, Softube, Slate Digital, Drawmer, SSL, AMS Neve, Focusrite ISA, Maag Audio, Blue Microphones, Doepfer A-100 9U modular synthesizer, and a long etcetera; make it possible to reach with intelligence and skill the optimum point of each musical production adapting easily to the requirements of each work.

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